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FraggedNation.com is an online gaming ladder and tournament site, which supports XBOX, PS3, Wii, and PC. We have a community feel and are completely devoted to ensuring the online gaming community has a place to play that is fair, fun, and unique. Our motto is: “A community of Gamers. For Gamers – By Gamers. At FraggedNation the leagues are all yours; we just do the paperwork.”

FN is the only free to play gaming community that allows you to create and run your own private ladders and tournaments, just the way you want. You can even win cash or prizes in many public tournaments, ladders, or events. If you just want to play one-off matches, then you can challenge people via the Prove-It! or Battle Box system and win cash at any time. FraggedNation has a community of thousands of passionate gamers, and provides one of the most customizable experiences for ladders, tournaments, singles, and team matches.

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