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Rules and Regulations

General FAQ:

1. Is their gambling in the SuperCon 2K Series?

No, since playing in video game tournaments is considered a game a skill and not a game of chance it is not considered gambling.  Most states in the US have this rule but some states do consider it gambling. We do not operate in states that do consider tournament play gambling.

2. Do attendees need to pay a separate fee to participate?

No, when an attendee participates in a SuperCon 2K Series event at a convention all they need to do is come into the room 1 hour before any event and signup for that specific event. There is no additional charges for signing up

3. Is there an age requirement?

No, there is no age restriction on who can participate in the game room or any SuperCon 2K Series event

Universal Guidelines

Note – Please refer to the game roster section for specific game rules

  • Respect the people around you.
  • No horseplay will be tolerated. Any one caught horse playing can and will be removed from the tournament.
  • No smoking or alcohol beverages will be allowed inside the event area.
  • Be on time. Not being present when your name is called for your turn to play will leave you subject to being disqualified from the tournament. Unless you are playing at another game.
  • You are allowed to bring your own controller. This applies to all games that require a controller. C3 staff or other sponsors of the tournament are not responsible for any equipment of yours that is lost. Keep track of your possessions. We suggest name tags for your equipment however we not supply these tags.
  • If your playing in multiple games throughout the tournament please provide notification to those officials running those games. Without notification you are subject to getting disqualified from that particular tournament.
  • In the case that one player pauses the game, that player will automatically lose a round in that match. The only exception to this rule is if both players agree to the pause for some outside reason button configuration etc.
  • Players, who enter once tournament brackets have been finalized, will NOT get a refund if they have to leave or decide they do not want to play the duration of their games.
  • We are NOT responsible for any items that you lose at any of our events. Keep track of your own possessions
  • No refunds will be given out once payment to a convention is completed
  • Collusion of any kind with your competitors is considered cheating. If the Tournament Director determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate the results or intentionally underperforming, the collaborating players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament.

Universal Fighting Game Rules

  • Double elimination or single elimination allowed
  • Stages selection – both players must agree to a stage, if players are unable to come to an agreement. Stage must be chosen by random select.
  • After a game has concluded, winner must stick with same char/team for the next game. Losers can change char/team and/or stage.
  • Game breaking glitches are banned.
  • Programmable controls are banned. Button macros (e.g. 1 button to perform 3 punches at once) are allowed.
  • Turbo button features are NOT allowed.
  • Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.

Seeding of players

Seeding of players for positions in brackets at C3 events will be based on the rankings earned by participating in C3 events i.e. online events and lan events.  The top 4 players in a specific game will be seeded. Top 5 will be seeded if an online qualifier is available for that LAN event. In the result that a top seeded player is not present the remaining top seeded players will get bumped up to a higher position for that event. In the event that none of the top seeded players are preset the bracket will be random draw.

Money Pot Scenarios

C3 will perform two types of money pot scenarios:

  • Bonus Pot Money
  • Set Pot Money

Bonus Pot Money (BPM) is additional money which is added to initial money pot for a specific tournament.

Set Pot Money (SPM) is a guarantee that players will be competing for at least a set amount of money in the pot at the event. Events that have Set Pot Money must have at least 8 participants / teams in order for the tournament to commence.

Use of other headsets at C3 events

The use of any headsets other than  VIBRAS.FIVE.ONE headsets on any C3 equipment is prohibited. Those who try to use any other headset within a C3event will be present with a warning then after they will not be allowed to play on any C3 equipment for the remainder of the event.

Use of wireless controllers

Wireless controllers are allowed in tournament as long as the following is done:

  • You must complete un-sync your controller from the system you have been playing on
  • You must turn off your controller
By not adhering to these criteria you will be disqualified from the tournament your are playing or not playing in.

Payout Conditions

  • Prize money will be awarded in checks or paypal
  • Paypal payment will be the first option for payment. If the player does not have a paypal they will be given a 1 time option of a check. Any event after this option is executed the player will be required to have a paypal account to send prize payment too
  • All prize payment will be sent out no later than 1 week after the event

Payout for tournaments

  • Single Player Games
    • Under 100 per player top 3 (1st – 60%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 10%)
    • 100-200 per player top 6 (1st – 50%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 5%, 5th – 2.5%, 6th – 2.5%)
    • 200+ per player top 8 (1st – 45%, 2nd – 22.5%, 3rd – 10%, 4th – 7.5%, 5th – 5%, 6th – 5%, 7th – 2.5%, 8th – 2.5%)
  • Team Games
    • Under 32 per team top 3 (1st – 60%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 10%)
    • 64 per team top 6 (1st – 40%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 5%, 5th – 5%, 6th – 5%)
    • 128+ per team top 8 (1st – 30%, 2nd – 20%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 10%, 5th – 10%, 6th – 5%, 7th – 5%, 8th – 5%)

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