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Colorado Cutthroat provides a variety of different ways for you to be and stay informed with all the Cutthroat event, contest and more. Here is list of ways to stay engage:

Corporate Involvement

Visit our sponsorship section if you are a company that wants advertisement, event development, partner/sponsorship opporturnities or want Colorado Cutthroat run a event for you at your location. No matter what Cutthroat can accommodate for your gamers.

Attending events

Always check our Cutthroat Season section to find out about all the new events we have coming up. All participates get added to our distro list so you can know when the next event is.

Get on the Cutthroat NewsLetter

If you are new to the site and you are not on the distro list then here is your chance to get information what is going on in Cutthroat: Subscribe to Cutthroat NewsLetter or email c3-subscribe@coloradocutthroat.com

Once you send an email to the address above a confirmation email will be sent asking to reply to you being asked to subscribe to the newsletter. Simply reply and you are subscribed. That simple!!

If you desire to unsubscribe from our newsletter you can do that simply emailing c3-unsubscribe@coloradocutthroat.com

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If you want to know up to date information on Colorado Cutthroat simply subscibe:

Register on the National Video Game Association (NVGA) Forums

If you want to post about things in Cutthroat make sure you register for an account on the NVGA forums where you can post information, meet new players in Colorado and within the NVGA, share info with friends on Facebook, chat with other players on the boards and much more..

Hear from Colorado Cutthroat CEO Gregory Richardson

What to hear from the head about Colorado Cutthroat. Listen up here

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