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Happy Medicine makes his return back to the SuperCon 2K Series

C3 and the NVGA Series is proud to announce that “Happy Medicine” will be returning to the SuperCon 2K Series.

Jakob Davis, better known as Happy Medicine, is 23 years old and from New Orleans, LA. He’s been playing fighting games his whole life and it’s always been a huge passion of his. He started competing in tournaments in 2007. Since then, Jakob has won over 60 tournaments all across the country and has proven himself as one of the most dominate Super Street Fighter IV players in North America. He also continues to get better in other games such as Dead or Alive 5, BlazBlue, Street Fighter x Tekken, and many more. Now with the SuperCon 2K Series, Happy Medicine will be showcasing his talents at a variety of SuperCon 2K Series event such as:

Come play new players, meet new friends and develop new rivals at any SuperCon 2K Series event across the nation. Hope to see you at our next SuperCon 2K Series event

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