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Effectve joins the SuperCon 2K Series tour

The National Video Game Association, C3, and FraggedNation, developers of the emerging e-­-sports industry,are proud to announce the addition of Effectve, a division of Baseline Nutritionals, to the SuperCon 2K Series with an exciting new neural gum to help enhance video game and player abilities.

Effectve’s 8-12Hz® Neural Gum is a new supplement that makes use of a revolutionary gum delivery system to take the edge off by supporting increased production of alpha waves in your brain. The alpha state of mind is associated with creativity, super learning and being “in the zone”. It supports:

  • Gamers looking to feel the game and improve their scores
  • Students Looking to lengthen attention span
  • Test Takers looking for enhanced recall
  • Anyone looking to get”in the zone”

People attending a SuperCon 2K Series event, a traveling E-­sports event, will have the opportunity to learn more about Effectve’s8-12Hz® Neural Gum and experience the benefits live. Gamers looking to feel the game, enhance theirs cores and improve immediately enhance their online-­-play from FraggedNation.com may immediately purchase the neural gum by visiting here

Gregory Richardson, owner of Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) and the SuperCon 2K Series states, “Bringing in new products to appeal to our large audience across the nation is very exciting and having Effectve showcase their gaming gum at SuperCon 2K Series brings even more excitement to the SuperCon 2K Series.” FraggedNation has been growing its influence in the competitive gaming industry for eleven years and has players socializing and competing across many games and all platforms every day. Terry Tognietti, CEO of Nation Fusion Inc., owner of FraggedNation, says, “Effectve has developed an amazing product for gamers, athletes, and students alike. We are excited about their partnership and their involvement with SuperCon 2K Series and FraggedNation.com.” In addition online partner Gamaroff Digital will be supporting Effectve’s 8-12Hz® with a variety of contests to connect people with the product online and in-­-person. It’s all about Relax. Focus. Win.

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