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Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) is the premier gaming promotional event company in Colorado. If has to do anything with casual or competitive game then C3 is involved. We host a variety of events across Colorado ranging from small causal based events, game rooms for anime conventions to large international conventions. We pride ourselves in setting the standard for exciting gaming events in Colorado. Gaming is a means to a educational ends for C3. With the connections that we have with educational instituions we strive to educate the main stream on gaming and provide opporturnities to gamers in the gaming industry through job opporturniteis in C3, workshop and panels on the gaming industry and other community based projects. C3 is also a founding chapter of the NVGA (National Video Game Association). The NVGA is a collaboration of other gaming/promoting organizations from across the nation aimed to bring gaming to the for front with a balance life style of gaming, education and life.

How to get involved?

That’s easy!! If you are looking for tournament play or just people to play with you will be able to upload contact info onto the website. From there you can use forums to talk and chat with each other. If you are business looking to get involved in C3 or the NVGA go over to our sponsorship page and take a look on all the different levels you can get involved in C3. If you are an organization looking to particpate in one C3 event or looking for the ability to become a sponsor we have all the information you need to be successful with us.

What games do you cater too?

C3 caters to all a wide range of genres that range from Fighting, First Person Shooter, Music, Sports and more




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